Ashcroft: a whole new perspective on life.

A morning in Ashcroft is watching the fog roll off the Rivanna and through the valley. Ashcroft is watching a thunderstorm driving over the Blue Ridge Mountains, or a snowstorm falling down from the ridges. At night, Ashcroft is a panoramic sunset, framed by Monticello with a horizon line seventy five miles distant, and cocktails with views of the lights of downtown Charlottesville twinkling below.

Ashcroft boasts unsurpassed natural beauty for all seasons. Spring with the wild redbud and dogwood, Summer with the lush green foliage, Fall with its brilliant color and Winter with its expansive mountain views. Homeowners savor each season by taking walks onthe quiet roads and numerous trails.

These secluded lots among 974 acres of majestic hardwood forests enjoy panoramic views of Monticello, the Blue Ridge, and downtown Charlottesville. Ten minutes from downtown and up the mountain from the new Martha Jefferson Hospital campus.

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Ashcroft's 500+ acres are situated along the ridges of the Southwest Mountains ringing Charlottesville. It is a unique vantage point, ten minutes from downtown while seeming worlds away amidst the extensive forests of mature hardwoods. R.L. Beyer assumes great care in situating each house to maximize the panoramic views while conserving the forest. This stewardship of the land is critical for preserving the privacy of each lot and for protecting the mountain viewsheds from Charlottesville below.

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